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. Basic IT audit and
solving one problem for free
We are ready to conduct a basic IT audit of the company, within
which we will solve one problem.
Please note that not any IT issue
can be solved during the allotted time of one visit.
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The price includes the maintenance of all the additional IT equipment
needed to operate your company. No hidden fees!
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and servers in the office
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What's in the service

Computer maintenance
Preventive work and computer diagnostics. Troubleshooting, as well as program failures.
We support the work of MFIs, printers, scanners. We can make any software or physical repairs, as well as carry out preventive work. Refueling and purchasing cartridges.
Contact with suppliers
We take care of all communication with IT service providers for your business. It can be: Internet provider, hosting, computer equipment supplies companies, etc.
Server maintenance
Installing and setting up server hardware, as well as a whole range of services to ensure the work of servers without fail.
Organize a competent backup of important information. We use paid and free software solutions equally effectively. we back up in multiple places.
Staff training
Preventive work and computer diagnostics. Troubleshooting, as well as program failures.
About networks
Organizing a local network and comprehensive network maintenance to keep your company running smoothly.
Corporate mail
Set up and maintain corporate mail. We work with email servers based on Windows and Unix systems, as well as transfer corporate mail to Yandex and Google servers.
ATS and telephony
Support for physical and virtual telephone stations. Set up from scratch Support for the existing configuration.

Our benefits

Unlimited departures
We have no restrictions on the departure of a specialist to your office. If it is not possible to solve the problem remotely, within an hour the specialist comes to your office.
Savings on equipment
Our suppliers offer the most interesting prices for equipment. Moreover, based on experience, we know on what equipment can be saved, without losing the quality of services.
English-language support
Our specialists speak English in conversation and technical language, which allows us to provide English-language support to users at a high level.
Regular monitoring
We do not wait until the problem arises, but anticipate it with the possibility of monitoring services that allow you to know about the problem even before the appearance.

A full-time employee or
incoming system administrator?

IT outsourcing
Financial costs
The average salary of a system administrator for running 30 computers in St. Petersburg ~42,000o per month (54,600o, including insurance premiums). This turns out to be 655,200o per year Plus premiums, vacation, sick leave, etc.
IT outsourcing
The cost of running the same amount of our company is ~31,500o per month. At the same time, we take on all the obligations to pay taxes.
Finding a candidate
To find a good specialist, according to our statistics, it is necessary to conduct about 20-25 interviews. At the same time, there should be a person on your part who will be able to test the knowledge of a specialist. This entails a large time cost. In addition, the questionnaire about the open vacancy should be placed on a special site, which in turn cost ~3,000o.
IT outsourcing
We take care of all these worries! Interviews of candidates in our company take place in several stages. First, the applicant passes a special test, which at this stage allows you to "weed out." people who do not meet certain criteria. The second stage of the interview is a conversation with our technical director, who checks in-depth knowledge. Next. probationary period of 3 months. And after that we can be sure for our specialists.
Vacation and sick leave
If the system administrator is on the staff of the organization, then, therefore, he has vacations (28 days) and sick leave (on average 28 years). As a rule, according to the law of meanness, just during this period and there are most often unforeseen situations, such as: burned equipment, viruses, encryption. And if at this point there is no connection with a specialist, sometimes there are large financial losses for the company.
IT outsourcing
We don't know what vacation and sick leave are. We are in touch with you 365 days a year! Of course, our employees are also resting and may get sick, but in this case your company is always assigned a backup technician and who is aware of all your technical equipment. This allows the customer to be smooth.
The bowl of only one system administrator does not have in some area of in-depth knowledge, and as a rule, "everywhere on a little bit" In the field of system administration many areas: Windows, Linux network equipment, ATS, etc. To have deep knowledge in these areas, you need to spend a lot of time and money on training. most specialists do not have the opportunity to develop themselves in all and at once directions, and often this can lead to "holes" in security.
IT outsourcing
Our staff has a whole staff of specialists who are in a certain area. That is, to solve a problem, the Client has the opportunity to employ two or more people. As the saying goes: "one head is good and two is better"
Speed of response to the problem
There is a misconception that if a person is on the staff, he will in any case react faster to the problem than the outsourcing company. Here and yes and no. The fact is that more often than not one problem pulls a few more. So far, the specialist solves one problem. it is physically unable to do the other and this leads to a negative reaction from users.
IT outsourcing
First, we try to minimize the number of problems by constantly monitoring important services, which allows us to solve the problem even before it appears. And if there is force majeure. tone solution to the problem can come not one, but two or three specialists. This allows the company to be restored as soon as possible.

How work is built

You leave an application on the found website or contact by phone. Our technician will ask questions to identify all your needs and make a complete picture of what you wanted to get
Solving your problem for free!
If necessary. issue a specialist's visit to your office for IT audit or to solve one issue for free
If you are satisfied with the way our specialists solved your problem, and you want to conclude a contract for subscription service, we prepare a contract and send for approval
Forget about IT problems,
you fix a personal IT specialist, who will always be on the guard of your IT infrastructure. Connect your company to the IT monitoring system

Find out your cost of service

What are the number of servers and computers in the office
Right away
Average salary of system administrator in St. Petersburg ~42 000o per month (54 600o, with insurance)
655 200o per year
With us
0 SysAdmins computers
0o per month
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Our team

Makarov Vadim
Setting up and maintaining
Unix servers. Complex
scripts is his calling
Drozdenko Roman
Set up and support
Windows servers
Lyalin Denis
Automation and data backup.
Network security
Eroshin Kirill
Everything related
to PBX and telephony
Konstantin Ivanov
Set up and support
Windows servers

We are trusted

Basic IT audit and solving one problem for free

We are ready to conduct a basic IT audit of the company, within which we will solve one problem. Please note that not any IT issue can be resolved in the allotted time of one visit.
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